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We offer the following services for businesses, in addition to our website and graphics services.

  1. Spreadsheet and data analysis solutions for a wide range of business applications. We are experts in the development of spreadsheet solutions and our systems are used by small businesses and schools.

  2. Database systems . We design and implement database solutions for a variety of business needs. We are experts in MySQL, DB2, SQL and Access.

  3. Logo design. We design logos from scratch and we can also digitise your existing logo.

  4. Programming. We have expertise in a large range of languages including Java, Python, Javascript, PHP, SQL, COBOL and PL1.

  5. Training. We are able to offer training courses in all of the above, delivered by qualified teachers.

It doesn't matter how big or small your business needs are, we are happy to help and we have a wealth of relevant expertise to make your business run more smoothly. Contact us today to find out how we can make your business life simpler, more efficient and reliable.



Computer Science Solutions designed and built my website, designed my logo, created the graphics and did the photography for me. They have been hosting and maintaining the website for me since 2014 without any problems and all of my updates are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Caroline Haward, Director

We received excellent service from Computer Science Solutions. They designed and built our website and are also hosting it for us. In addition to that, they also did our graphics work and photo editing. Our website is undoubtebly a huge asset to our business.

Anthony McManus, MD




Services include:

Website design and build

Website hosting

Images for your website

Website animations

Creation and support of spreadsheet systems using Microsoft Excel and of database systems using Microsoft Access

Development of bespoke systems

Training in Python, Java and COBOL

Student and teacher support and training for accredited courses


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